How to Access

The USF Application Gateway has been funded by the Student Technology Fee. You can use this gateway from any computer that has a web browser to gain access to many of the applications found in the USF open use labs!

To access the Application Gateway, follow these instructions:

  1. In the browser bar, type
  2. Any current student, faculty or staff can get into the website. If this is your first time visiting the site, please make sure you enroll first and enter your NetID and Password and Sign In.
  3. After you successfully enroll and sign in, you will be brought to the authorized login page, at which point you will log in using your NETID and password. 
  4. Before you can access the available software applications, you must select the box for the Citrix license agreement. Then click Download.
  5. The download box will appear blue once you have selected the license agreement.
  6. Then select the Continue button.
  7. Once in the application, you can select the Software program of your choice from a folder. If the application you want is not available, you can search for it in the Search bar.
  8. Select your application.
    Please note: these are virtual programs that will not install on your computer and you will need an internet connection to use them. It may take several minutes for the application to load.
  9. Once the application opens, all of the software features will be available to you.
    Please note: the software application is streamed, so please save your work frequently.

You can also watch the video tutorial here: