Recreation Programs

Dodgeball USFSM

Dodgeball Tournament

Dodge, dive, dip, duck, dodge. Dodgeball is a team sport with players competing to knock the opposing team out of the game. Catching one’s ball or hitting one with a thrown ball will eliminate opponents and take you to ultimate dodgeball glory.

Flag Football Tournament

Instead of tackling, players must remove the flag belt of their opponent in order to end a play. This fast-paced and unorthodox game will challenge players to think outside the box while enhancing fitness, teamwork skills and fun through friendly competition.

Students V Faculty Bball

March Madness: Students vs. Faculty Basketball Game

It’s more than just a game…it’s a way of life. Join the USF Sarasota-Manatee community as we gather to watch these teams battle head-to-head. Bragging rights and the opportunity to claim the title as champions of USFSM are on the line. So don’t be afraid to jump in the action or just come out and support the USFSM community!

yoga usfsm


If fast-action sports just aren’t for you, then come and enjoy one of our calming group yoga classes. Liberate your mind as you learn proper techniques, in a peaceful environment as an instructor leads this self-paced fitness class.