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College Structure Task Force Report

Annual Unit Assessment – particularly Academic & Student Affairs and four Colleges

CIRP Freshman Survey 2014 PowerPoint

CIRP Freshman Survey 2013 PowerPoint

Commission on Higher Education Access & Educational Attainment – Florida Board of Governors
Final Report:
Aligning Workforce and Higher Education for Florida’s Future

Degrees Awarded by USFSM by Major

Florida Board of Governors Areas of Strategic Emphasis – Fall 2014 – USFSM Areas of Strategic Emphasis Identified

Florida Labor Market Experiences After Postsecondary Education: Earnings & Other Outcomes

Geographic Enrollment Maps – Spring 2015

Regional Demand Occupations List 2014-15

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Ten-Year Enrollment Trends: FTE & Headcount

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USFSM Campus Indicators –  particularly Resident Faculty, Complete Programs, Student FTE, Students Served, Undergraduate Degrees, Graduate Degrees, AA Transfer Success Rates, Employment and Placement Data, Student Service, USFSM Funding Per FTE Student

Florida Census Data

Florida Occupational & Employment Projections by County

Florida Board of Governors Performance Based Funding Website

Florida Board of Governors Performance Based Funding Overview

Florida Research & Economic Information Database Application (FREIDA)

FLBOG Academic Program Inventory

The Rising Cost of Not Going to College – Pew Research Center