How Do I Make a SOCAT Referral?

Referrals can be made by completing the electronic referral form or via email at .The online form allows for 24hr reporting; however, please note that referrals may not be handled until the next business day.

What Happens After I Make A Referral?

Upon receipt of a referral, the Coordinator will gather information about the student’s situation from a variety of campus resources. The team will then review the referral and determine a course of action. Examples of responses may include, but are not limited to:

  • SOCAT will reach out to the student of concern to assess need for resources and collaboratively develop an action plan with the student to reduce obstacles for their success at USF-SM.
  • SOCAT assists students and coordinates with existing campus resources currently being utilized, working with the student to monitor progress.
  • In the event a student is perceived to a to be a risk to self or others, SOCAT may coordinate with appropriate University departments to assist the student.
  • SOCAT may determine that here is no need to take further action but, will continue to monitor the situation and concern if needed

The individual who makes a referral to SOCAT may be contacted by the Coordinator or any other SOCAT team member. Depending on the circumstances, the referring person may not receive specific information about the action plan with the student.

Are Referrals to SOCAT Confidential?

The Students of Concern Assistance Team (SOCAT) will take responsible steps to maintain the privacy of those who make a referral to SOCAT, if requested. If the circumstances do not allow for privacy to be maintained, this will be discussed with the person making the referral. On occasion, due to the nature of the reported concern, the reporter may be evident to the student of concern.