Non-Degree Student Registration

Note: All drop/payment deadlines listed on Academic Calendar apply.

Students who have not been admitted to a USF degree program may register on a space available basis as non-degree seeking. USF welcomes teachers needing to take courses for certification purposes, individuals interested in taking courses for self-enrichment and students who plan to make formal application to the University. Up to 14 undergraduate or 12 graduate credits may be applied to a degree program (some majors have stricter requirements, see an advisor). Non Degree students are subject to the same academic policies and deadlines as degree seeking students (e.g. must show qualifications for certain classes via transcripts or test scores).


  1. Apply as a non-degree seeking student and pay the $30 non-refundable application fee
  2. Comply with the Immunization Requirement*
    Off-Campus Temporary Exemptions – Students registered only for off-campus courses in the following categories are temporarily exempt from the immunization and medical history requirement: Off-Campus courses, Distance Learning courses, FEEDS Program, Community Initiative Program, Cooperative Education Training periods, Off-Campus Standard Calendar Credit Courses and Off-Campus Alternative Calendar Credit Courses. If concurrently registering (or adding) courses in other categories, a signed medical history and proof of immunity or an approved medical or religion exemption must be on file.
  3. Search the Class Schedule to find your courses
  4. Visit the Permit Request form
  5. Activate your USF Net-ID (Used to register for classes, access your USF student email and online course portal; Black Board)
  6. Register and pay for classes using OASIS or visit the Business Office web page for more information
  7. Obtain a Parking Permit (not need for off-campus courses)
  8. Purchase a Student ID at the Business Office


  • Non Degree seeking students are subject to the same academic policies and Academic Calendar deadlines as degree seeking students. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all relevant policies, procedures, and deadlines.
  • Bank cards are no longer accepted at the Cashier’s Office for payment of tuition and related fees. In person payments may be made by cash, personal check, cashier’s check or money order. Tuition and fee payments by bank card must be made using OASIS. Fee statements are NOT mailed to students.
  • You cannot apply Non-Degree seeking if you have previously been denied USF undergraduate admission or if you previously attended USF but have not been awarded your degree. Do not apply as a Non-Degree-seeker unless you are in good academic standing with your last institution or if you are already admitted to USF as a degree-seeker and have not earned a degree from another institution.