Study Abroad Experiences

“My study abroad was a profound and life changing event. The classes I took, taught by both USFSM and Florence University of Arts professors, exposed my to curriculum not available in classroom on campus in the United States.

Beyond visiting a foreign country, I adapted and lived in a foreign culture. I made new friends and future business contacts from many other countries. Every day I had a new adventure.

History was brought to life as I saw with my own eyes famous works of art by Michelangelo and DiVinci. I have a broader sense of the world and diversity of different cultures other than my own after having been to Europe and meeting people who live there. Having traveled alone, my self confidence and self esteem has grown as I did things that I never knew I could!”

Michelle Teeter

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“It was incredible to be able to study at Trinity College in Dublin, and experience what it would be like to actually live there.

After the first few days, I was already acting like a local! So much so that tourists actually stopped and asked me for directions! It was insanely gratifying to know that I knew enough about this place to actually give directions to someone who was as lost as I was a few days earlier!”

Emily Herman

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“I felt extremely privileged to travel with our USF students to Florence, Italy this summer. After our six week stay, it was impossible to not be transformed by this unique learning experience. What better place to learn about International Food & Culture than in the birthplace of the Renaissance. I believe the majority of students were challenged on this trip in ways they may not have anticipated. All of us are now able to better understand the world around us, hence, becoming more thoughtful global citizens and improved critical thinkers.”

Joe Askren MBA, CEC, CCE
Instructor & Director of Culinary Innovation Lab
College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership (CHTL)