Testing Accommodations

Procedures & Form

Those students approved for special testing accommodations (extended test time, quiet non-distracting testing environment, computer, scribe, dictation) need to adhere to the following procedure.

  1. Exam Request Form also available at the Student Services front desk. It is YOUR responsibility to give the Exam Request Form to the instructor at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to the scheduled exam date.
  2. Set-up time/date of exam: phone or e-mail the Students with Disabilities Services (SDS) office ONE week in advance. disabilityservices@sar.usf.edu or 359-4714
  3. Arrive on time: NOTE: You will be given a 30 minute grace period to allow for unforeseen circumstances (weather, unexpected traffic delay) before you are marked as a “no show” and the incomplete exam will be sealed in an envelope and returned to the instructor. Students who are chronically late for exams will be reported to the instructor.
  4. Changes in the exam schedule or unable to attend: Contact the SDS office by phone or e-mail. The exam will be rescheduled after the instructor has been contacted.
  5. Items permitted in testing room: Only those items approved by the instructor and the SDS office can be taken into the testing room. Personal items such as backpacks, cell phones, and purses will be locked in a cabinet or kept at the front desk. Only beverages will be permitted in the testing room, no food allowed.
  6. Breaks during exams: Food/snacks can be checked in with your belongings and consumed in the Student Services waiting area during a break (Note: breaks are considered part of your overall testing time, no additional time will be added). You may not discuss the exam with anyone. All students must remain in the Office of Student Services area at all times. You may NOT walk the halls, use the vending machine or go to your car. Please use the restrooms located in the Student Services Hallway, adjacent to the testing center.
  7. Timer: Unless notified in writing by the SDS office, students approved for extended test time are given double time. You will be given a timer and it is your responsibility to keep track of your time. When the timer sounds, stop immediately, put your exam in the envelope and report to the front desk.
  8. On-line exams: Students approved for extended test time are given double time for on-line classes. It is your responsibility to keep track of your time. As a reminder, e-mail the instructor before EACH quiz or exam.
  9. Cameras: The testing center is equipped with video cameras. Any incidence of academic dishonesty will be reported to the instructor.
  10. Scheduling: If you are taking evening classes, you must schedule your exams so that you are finished by the time the testing center closes.

Test Center Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm