Academic Accommodations

Accommodations are designed to compensate for the impact of a student’s specific disability and may vary from class to class. The accommodation should maintain the academic integrity of the course and never alter the level of ability or mastery the individual is required to demonstrate.  Documentation of disability must support the need for such accommodations. The following is a list of commonly utilized academic accommodations and services.

Classroom Accommodations

  • Note-taking services
  • Permission to tape record lectures
  • Stretch Breaks
  • Adaptive classroom furniture
  • ASL (American Sign Language) interpreting services for hearing impaired
  • CART (Communication Access Real Time Translation) for hearing impaired
  • FM system for hearing impaired
  • Closed Captioning- DVD’s or video
  • Enlarged course materials for visually impaired

Testing Accommodations

  • Extended test time
  • Reduced distraction testing environment
  • Test scribe
  • Test reader
  • Dictate essay tape recorder
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (Voice Recognition Software)
  • Computer for essay/written exams
  • Spell check/Grammar check
  • Calculator
  • CCTV / Zoom Text / Magnifier for visually impaired
  • JAWS (Screen Reader Program) for visually impaired

Additional Accommodations

  • Books-auditory or electronic format-to be arranged by student and SDS office