Mote Marine Laboratory

Bulls Notebook: Biology Open House set at Mote Marine labs

USFSM-Mote Marine Partnership

The USFSM Biology program collaborates with the world-renowned Mote Marine Laboratory, allowing students to be immersed in ongoing research and community engagement in the marine sciences. Our students have the opportunity to collaborate one-on-one with scientists through USFSM’s internship program with Mote, a Sarasota-based research facility.

The aquarium and research center has been home to USFSM’s biology and chemistry research labs since 2014. Research scientists from Mote also teach various courses in the USFSM Biology program. These experiences prepare our students to be competitive for an even wider range of graduate programs and professional schools, from biochemistry programs to veterinary schools.

Hear What Students Have to Say

“Initially when I was invited to do the internship I was interested because I hadn’t done much research. Now that I’m here, I see how this could help me as a veterinarian. You get to meet all these researchers at Mote and interact with them, which is very valuable. I definitely feel this will give me a competitive advantage when I apply for veterinary school. I’ll not only have small animal experience as a veterinary assistant, but also marine experience from working at Mote.”
– Cristina Solorzano

“When I started in the biology program at USFSM, I wasn’t sure whether it would fit my interests in chemistry and research,” she said. “However, I have found that through the biology program and the internship with Mote, I am getting a real-world view of biochemistry and research in action.”
– Bryn Austin

Learn More

Visit our Biology program page to learn more about the program and our admissions process, or visit Mote Marine Laboratory’s website to learn more about the research facility.