About CSM

about csm mission


The College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) at USF Sarasota-Manatee provides an
innovative, student-centered educational environment through inquiry-based learning and collaborative research focused on basic and applied sciences and mathematics. We cultivate a dynamic culture by encouraging free discussion, fostering critical thinking, developing strong communication skills, and actively engaging students in research and evidence-based practices under the mentorship of faculty.


Our students will be well prepared for careers in diverse fields, as well as graduate or professional schools. They will have the critical skills and broad outlook that will empower them to be engaged and productive leaders in their communities.

  1. Promote an intellectual and interdisciplinary community amongst faculty and students.
  2. Initiate and expand undergraduate and graduate programs.
  3. Cultivate a vigorous research culture that incorporates student researchers under the mentorship of faculty.
  4. Practice effective pedagogy that facilitates student-centered environments and critical thinking.