Self Help Tools

Wellness and Nutrition
Healthy eating, nutrition information, and other wellness resources.

Help With Quitting Smoking
Resources for help with quitting smoking in order to promote a tobacco-free environment.

Expert Sleep Advice
Developing good sleep hygiene takes practice. Consider these ideas and expert resources.

Relaxation Technique Information
Developing relaxation skills takes practice. This is an excellent way to reduce stress and the physiological tension that accompanies stress.

Complete List of Counseling & Wellness Resources
List of self-help books & Internet Resources recommended by the Staff of the Counseling & Wellness Center.

Sexual Assault Awareness
Provides a definition and education about sexual assault, as well as, community referrals, and Internet resources.

NIMH’s Mental Health Information
Links to a library of mental health topics by the National Institute of Mental Health

Emergency Numbers

Campus Police
(941) 487-4210

Victim Advocate
(941) 504-8599

Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center
(941) 365-1976

Bayside Center for Behavioral Health
(941) 917-7760

Manatee Glens
(941) 782-4800

HOPE Family Services
(941) 755-6805