Clinical Training

The Counseling and Wellness Center’s training program offers a broad range of training and service opportunities utilizing a practitioner-scholar model. Training consists of individual and group supervision, mentoring, a training seminar/case consultation, and professional development programs.

Core training areas are:

  1. Professional practice – emphasis on diagnosis, assessment, treatment planning, and psychotherapy.
  2. Evidence based treatments – utilization of a broad range of intervention modalities including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, systemic, dynamic and experiential techniques within a multicultural and solution-focused framework.
  3. Non-specific psychotherapy factors – establishing a relationship, utilizing therapy skills, building strengths and responsiveness, utilizing conceptualization in therapy.
  4. Supervision – emphasis on client cases while discussing individualized goals; includes consultation as well as exploring the intersections of characteristics that impact treatment access, process and outcome.

Training related to ethical and legal issues is woven throughout each core area. While the focus is on time-limited treatment, each practicum student and post-doctoral resident will work with the supervisor to identify long-term cases. Opportunities for experiences will include areas such as psychopathology, sexual assault/trauma, crises intervention, substance abuse, career development, disability adjustment, and personality disorders.

The majority of a practicum student or post-doctoral resident’s time is committed to direct service activities. Each practicum student receives a minimum of two hours of supervision that includes one hour of individual supervision by a licensed psychologist and one and a half hours of group supervision in a treatment team meeting on Friday mornings. Each Post-doctoral fellow also receives a minimum of two hours of supervision that includes one hour of individual supervision by a licensed psychologist and one and a half hours of group supervision in a treatment team meeting on Friday mornings. The following licensed psychologists are available to serve as supervisors:

Anne E. Fisher, Ph.D., L.P.
Erin J. Robinson, Psy.D., L.P.


The Postdoctoral Fellowship offers supervision across a range of experiences in the area of psychological treatment and mental health counseling in a college and wellness center. Interdisciplinary opportunities are offered in the area of advanced clinical practice and the integration of research into practice.

All supervisors are licensed psychologists. Postdoctoral fellows are provided one hour of face-to-face supervision each week in addition to group supervision obtained through clinical activities (case consultation and multidisciplinary case review) at Friday morning team meetings. These meetings involve regular staff case consultation and mental health case review on a weekly basis. Supervision and mentoring is also available though consultation with other members of the multidisciplinary team as requested. The supervisor will provide postdoctoral fellows with continuous feedback on their progress during weekly supervision meetings. The postdoctoral fellow and supervisor establish goals and objectives at the beginning and midterm in the fellowship. Evaluations are interactive, and both the postdoctoral fellow and supervisor exchange impressions and information related to the supervisory experience as well as the evaluation of the postdoctoral training program.

Fellows receive supervision on clinical work, their consultation and communication with other staff members, and their overall professional conduct. Fellows and practicum students participate in a seminar. The focus of the seminar is on treatment techniques, case presentations, and best practices.

The training provided meets requirements for licensure as a psychologist in the state of Florida.

Qualifications for Post-Doctoral Fellowship

It is desired that Applicants have completed a Ph.D./Psy.D degree in a clinical or counseling psychology program accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and must have completed a clinical or counseling internship (APA-approved) prior to entering the program.

Applicant must have completed all internship prerequisites before beginning the fellowship. Additionally, prior experience in a college or university counseling center is preferable. This Postdoctoral Fellowship is primarily focused on individual counseling experience with supplemental opportunities with outreach programming and consultation.

Please contact Dr. Anne Fisher if you have questions regarding the post-doctoral fellowship. Positions generally start in mid-late August/early September. Applications are reviewed and interviewed between April and June each year.

Anne Fisher, Ph.D.
P: (941) 487-4254
New College of Florida
Counseling & Wellness Center
5800 Bay Shore Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34243-2197