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The Tables Have Turned: USFSM’s Inaugural Reverse-Internship Fair

On November 8, 2018, twenty select students will break the mold of the traditional career fair. Will you be there?

Career fairs, by design, place power in the hands of employers; they are the stars of the show, waiting for student talent to approach them.

We believe the spotlight can be reversed. Let’s shine it on the real stars: Students!

Twenty exceptional USFSM students will be selected to participate in a revolutionary career fair that places students behind tables. Employers will be invited based on those students’ interests and will be required to be in a position to offer internships with their respective organizations.

If you’re seeking an internship and are willing to break the traditional career fair, you can apply by sending your resume to Ben Heins ( If you would like to polish your resume before submission, please make an appointment.

Mark your calendars: The tables have turned.


Applications Open: 4/2
Applications Close: 9/7
Interviews for Finalists: 9/12-9/19
Finalists Selected: 9/21
Training: October
“The Tables Have Turned: USFSM’s Inaugural Reverse-Internship Fair”: 11/8

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