Graduate School Decision

Graduate school is an investment of your time and money. It is well worth your time to explore the career paths of interest and gather data to help you make an informed decision.  First, review this article from to help you determine if Grad School is right for you.

If you are unsure of the career direction, it is well worth your time to revisit the steps to make an informed career decision.

You can start by taking career assessments to find out how your interests, skills, values, and personality match a career.

Another step is to find schools that offer the program of interest. The following links will help you do this. You can find out about admission requirements, testing, tuition, scholarships, and much more. If you’re still not sure, schedule an appointment to speak with a career advisor about how Graduate school may help you further your career.

Finding a Graduate School

Admission Test Preparation

Browse the many electronic books available through the USF Library that will help you prepare for graduate admission tests 

Essay Writing

Other Resources