Federal Work Study Supervisor FAQ

Federal Work Study (FWS) funds part-time work on campus to help students finance the cost of their education. The Financial Aid office manages FWS funds, and financial aid is awarded for the Fall and Spring semesters. Students who participate in FWS during the Fall and Spring are eligible to participate during the Summer semester.  Students are alerted of their eligibility through OASIS.  Students may work up to 20 hours per week.

How do I advertise work-study positions at USFSM?

Hiring departments are required to post a job description for every position on Handshake. For access information to this system, please email Sar-career1@sar.usf.edu.

Please incorporate the following in the job posting:

Job Title:  Please include your department name and FWS in the job title.
Example: Career Services FWS

Type of Job:  Work Study

Expiration Date: Students awarded FWS have until the first Friday of the first week of classes in the Fall semester to be placed.

Job Description: In the job description specify the purpose of the position, duties and responsibilities.

Job Category: General Support $8.05-10, Reading Tutors/Community Service $9-10, or Specialist/Technician $10-12.

Contact Information: Name of primary supervisor.

Application Instructions Once approved for FWS by Financial Aid. Email your resume to the contact person listed above. Indicate Work Study in the subject line. Students must provide a copy of their schedule and a copy of their OASIS printout showing the FWS award.

When is the best time to advertise a position for work–study?

It is best to post the position one month prior to the Fall semester.  

What is the interviewing process?

Federal Work Study students follow the basic tenets of hiring. Provide a job description, review your expectations and interview the student to determine skills and fit for your department. If you require Excel or written communication skills. You may ask for the student to demonstrate their abilities or to provide samples of their work. Students may not work during regularly scheduled class time.

To ensure the student is eligible for Financial Aid, require that the student bring a copies of these the interview:

  • OASIS printout showing the Financial Aid Award
  • Class Schedule showing eligible work hours.

How do I offer a position to the student?

Should you decide to offer the student a position, you must write the student a letter of job offer. Use the form on the Human Resource website, “FWSP Student”. Attach a copy of the job description and OASIS printout showing Financial Aid award.

Students must submit a copy of the Offer Letter to Financial Aid. For questions, please contact Gabriela Vega (gvega@sar.usf.edu / 941.359.4622).

Students should complete an online employment application and bring it to HR during drop-in hours (Tuesdays from 9-10:30 a.m. and Thursdays from 3-4:30 p.m.) to complete their new-hire paperwork. For questions, please contact Carolyn Dyson (gdyson@sar.usf.edu / 941.359.4224).

To complete new hire paperwork, the student will need to bring:

  • A printout of OASIS Award
  • A printout of the job description
  • Original documents for verification of US work authorization (see list attached to the offer letter for acceptable documents)
  • A voided check to set-up direct deposit (direct deposit is mandatory) 

Please note that a student may not begin working prior to
completing their new hire paperwork.

How do I find the student’s timesheet?

Student timesheets are located on the Human Resource web page under “HR Forms”.  Use the “Timesheet Temporary OPS (hourly)”. Students will submit the timesheet to their supervisor for signature.